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Brow Extensions

  • 1 h 30 min
  • ٧٥ دينار بحريني

Service Description

Brow Extensions Salon in Bahrain Brow extensions are wisps or filaments of mink or synthetic hair glued onto brow hairs and eyebrows skin. They are usually fastened with surgical adhesive. At our professional Brow Extensions Salon in Bahrain, you are taken care of by a team of beauty routine experts. Trusted for reliable and lasting results in brow extensions by millions of women. Brow extension services apply tiny, individual hairs to your brow line with a special adhesive. We are organized, practised & experienced. Whether it’s an eyebrow tint, waxing, tweezing, lamination, & eyebrow-enhancing serum, we also offer safe options of microblading & nanoblading services for your brows. Our professionals carefully study and apply methods according to skin types & facial structure. The results can be mind-blowing & fantastic. The services are painless, affordable, fast, and completely comfortable, with a new facial look. Get a brand new stunning appearance with services from the beauty experts at Hairpage.

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