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Brow Thread

  • 35 min
  • ٢٧ دينار بحريني

Service Description

Brow Thread Salon in Bahrain Brow threads are typical applications of ancient facial beauty routines. Brow threading removes excess hair from the root without shaving. The process of removing eyebrow hair with a sanitized piece of thread. The thin threads are cotton with a rigid hold of eyebrow hair. Brow threading is an ancient unisex beauty routine popular in India, Iran, China, Japan, and Asia. Women & men do eyebrow threading for cosmetic and cultural reasons. Intricately defined facial features are ageless beauty traditions for women. Today it is practised in several nations globally. At our expert Brow Thread Salon in Bahrain, you are duly welcomed and readied with complete adherence to safety, comfort & professional results. Our sanitized procedures ensure you get expert beauty services without exposure to injury, hurt or discomfort. We have been systematically practising brow threading art for several decades. You can count on our expertise!

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