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Brow Tint

  • 1 h
  • ٤٥ دينار بحريني

Service Description

Brow Tint Salon in Saar Mall Bahrain All women are fascinated by their facial looks daily! A brow tint is among those facial beauty-enhancing routines. Eyebrow tint is the application of semi-permanent dye/colour to enhance the facial look & give prominence to the eyes. The eyes are the window to someone’s soul, and your brows are vital factors. At our expert Brow Tint Salon in Saar Mall Bahrain, we make your brows gain extra significance on the face. By reading & observing all skin types, tones and colours, we are committed to the total safety of our customers. We leave no room for unfortunate procedures & that’s why we ensure 100% result adherence. We use safe, chemical-free dyes (semi-permanent vegetable dye or henna) with special patch tests to ensure non-reactivity to the dye. As a professional beauty salon, our attachment to your well-being is enduring. A professional brow tint can give you a remarkable facial appearance & transformation.

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